: Re: Re Re: [Linux-cluster] mount file system GFS

Corey Kovacs cjkovacs at verizon.net
Fri Jan 14 11:29:38 UTC 2005

You don't have to remove the loopback line, only the reference to the machines host name
in that line...

so instead of having....        mymachinename localhost.localdomain   localhost

You only need/want....        localhost.localdomain   localhost mymachinename.mydomain.com mymachinename

of course you'll use your correct ip address, etc....

having the host name in the loopback line causes all sorts of problems with
other things as well and I am not sure why it's put there in the first place.



On Friday 14 January 2005 04:22, maria perez wrote:
> Thank you very much for your help, Michael.
> Excuse me, but my english is not enough good. I try write correctly in an 
> understable way,but not always I achieve it.
> Finally, with your help, I achieved mount a file system shared by two nodes, 
> only one of this is running like lock_gulmd server. I had to eliminate the 
> lines in /etc/hosts file of each node, that contain Someone said 
> to me in a occasion that never eliminate the line:
>            '  localhost.localdomain    localhost'
> What can it happen?? what problems can appear??
> My system now had a single point of failure, I would like, if it is possible 
> that the two nodes were servers lock_gulm . I understand in your message I 
> can run the two nodes like servers lock_gulm having only two nodes but 
> declaring three nodes in the file cluster.ccs in the sentence  servers=" " 
> and using only two of the three (really the third node not exits). In the 
> file nodes.ccs : I had to declare the three nodes too??Nor?? Do I undersand 
> you well??
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