: Re: Re Re: [Linux-cluster] mount file system GFS

maria perez mshk_00 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 14 12:31:54 UTC 2005

Thanks, It is certain. At last I achieved mount the file system from two 
nodes and the file /etc/hosts maintains 

I included the line mymachinename ...... because I understood 
wrong a message that I read
and I decided to probe with it.

Now I know the problem was in the file /etc/hosts of each machine does not 
appear a line including the ip and name of the other machine.


>You don't have to remove the loopback line, only the reference to the 
>machines host name
>in that line...
>so instead of having....
>        mymachinename localhost.localdomain   localhost
>You only need/want....

>        localhost.localdomain   localhost
> mymachinename.mydomain.com mymachinename

>of course you'll use your correct ip address, etc....
>having the host name in the loopback line causes all sorts of problems with
>other things as well and I am not sure why it's put there in the first 



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