[Linux-cluster] gfs/iscsi over 2.6.11 and gfs listener

Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at unina.it
Mon May 2 18:02:47 UTC 2005

> Now it's working well, gfs is up and running, but i got two not
> reproducible oops (i do not remember weel but is it possible rebooting the
> system without umount gfs filesystems).

Ok... i reproduced it:

CMAN: removing node simapplication from the cluster : Missed too many 
CMAN: node simapplication rejoining
scheduling while atomic: cman_comms/0x00000001/2794
 [<c03a66f2>] schedule+0x522/0x530
 [<ded1c72e>] start_ack_timer+0x2e/0x40 [cman]
 [<ded1f52c>] __sendmsg+0x4cc/0x670 [cman]
 [<ded2806d>] add_barrier_callback+0x7d/0x170 [cman]
 [<ded281dd>] callback_startdone_barrier+0x1d/0x30 [cman]
 [<ded20dc0>] check_barrier_complete_phase2+0xe0/0x130 [cman]
 [<ded20ed9>] process_barrier_msg+0x99/0x110 [cman]
 [<ded1d0cf>] process_incoming_packet+0x18f/0x290 [cman]
 [<ded1c1d1>] receive_message+0xd1/0xf0 [cman]
 [<ded1c38c>] cluster_kthread+0x19c/0x3a0 [cman]
 [<c0102622>] ret_from_fork+0x6/0x14
 [<c0113140>] default_wake_function+0x0/0x20
 [<ded1c1f0>] cluster_kthread+0x0/0x3a0 [cman]
 [<c010087d>] kernel_thread_helper+0x5/0x18

due i think it's by cman


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