[Linux-cluster] GFS on SAN, does a quorum make sense?

Dan B. Phung phung at cs.columbia.edu
Thu May 5 22:49:19 UTC 2005

Hello, I was wondering if a quorum makes sense when I have one underlying
shared device.  My setup is this:

           blade1 b2  b3  b4  b5  .....
              \    |   |   |   |  |  |  /
               [ fiber switch module ] 
                        |  | 

and I want any blade to be able to access the storage at anytime.  right
now I have my configuration such that each node has the number of votes
equivalent to the quorum.  Does this make sense?  From my understanding,
the quorum/voting procedure is to prevent split-brain scenarios where two
nodes coming up for the first time might try to form two separate clusters
of the same name, which will cause data corruption.  How would I prevent
that, while still allowing any one node, even by itself, to access the
storage media.

Another use of the quorum is for distributed disks in the case of a node
failure the I/O to that disk is fenced.  Is that correct?



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