[Linux-cluster] auto send fence_ack_manual?

Birger Wathne birger at uib.no
Mon May 16 06:39:55 UTC 2005

Dan B. Phung wrote:

>I was thinking of "hacking" the daemon on my stable master node so that it
>sends the fence ack as soon as it's requested.  Does something like my
>usage scenario already exist?  Does this violate some principal design in
>the fenced?

Or perhaps make the rebooting node do it by itself as the last part of a 
controlled shutdown? I guess a node can't issue the command itself after 
leaving the cluster, so you may have to hack some code to let a node 
notify your master node as the last part of shutdown, and then let the 
master node ack. If you can have the rebooting nodes forward syslog 
messages to your stable master it should be relatively easy to detect a 
controlled and successful shutdown using some existing log watcher tool.


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