[Linux-cluster] auto send fence_ack_manual?

Dan B. Phung phung at cs.columbia.edu
Mon May 16 06:45:12 UTC 2005

what i've done for now is this (until someone tells me how crazy this is :)

        for (;;) {
                rv = check_ack();
+                rv = 1;
+                printf("HACK! detected that a node was fenced, automatically"
                         "starting cleanup sequence for %s\n", 

                if (rv)

                rv = check_cluster();
                if (rv)

On 16, May, 2005, Birger Wathne declared:

> Dan B. Phung wrote:
> >I was thinking of "hacking" the daemon on my stable master node so that it
> >sends the fence ack as soon as it's requested.  Does something like my
> >usage scenario already exist?  Does this violate some principal design in
> >the fenced?
> >
> Or perhaps make the rebooting node do it by itself as the last part of a 
> controlled shutdown? I guess a node can't issue the command itself after 
> leaving the cluster, so you may have to hack some code to let a node 
> notify your master node as the last part of shutdown, and then let the 
> master node ack. If you can have the rebooting nodes forward syslog 
> messages to your stable master it should be relatively easy to detect a 
> controlled and successful shutdown using some existing log watcher tool.


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