[Linux-cluster] reg clsuter

anush kumar anushkumar at hotmail.com
Mon May 16 13:54:56 UTC 2005


I have installed redhat 9.0.I configured the system as NIS client.I 
installed openmosix. the installlation was successful.When i booted up with 
the new kernel ypbind is not working.
done ps -eaf | grep ypbind. It does not show ypbind process running.run 
manually ypbind from root prompt no go. I checked from /var/log/messages 
this is messages i get on system
cluster3 ypbind: Setting NIS domain name migv:  succeeded
cluster3 ypbind: ypbind startup succeeded
cluster3 ypbind: ypbind shutdown failed
cluster3 ypbind: attempting to contact yp server failed

thanks in advance


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