[Linux-cluster] RedHat HA Cluster and Software RAID?

Ben Russo ben at muppethouse.com
Wed May 25 18:06:51 UTC 2005

I'm setting up two servers in an HA cluster (no GFS, just an active 
service system and a standby).

I have 2 external hardware RAID devices that have 2 SCSI channels each.
I have 2 SCSI HBA's in each host.

The external RAID devices only have a single RAID controller.
So for full single point of failure avoidance I would like to do
software RAID1 across the two external arrays.

The documentation I am reading says that software RAID cannot be done
on "shared" storage.

I am a little confused.  I know the quorum drives may be "shared"
and a GFS filesystem might be shared, but is a filesystem used by an HA 
service "shared"?

Can I setup a RAID1 device that migrates to an active cluster member 
with the service?


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