[Linux-cluster] Sane configuration?

Nate Carlson natecars at natecarlson.com
Wed May 25 20:08:53 UTC 2005

Hey all,

Just getting started with the whole GFS/CLVM thing, and wanted to run a 
config by the people who actually know what they are doing before I try to 
deploy it, in case I'm doing anything really stupid.  :)

I'm basically looking at setting up a 4-node cluster, using GFS to share 
storage. I've picked up a Dell PowerVault 660F fibre array for the central 
sotrage, and a PV51F fibre switch (equivilent to a Brocade 2400, 
apparently), which will have the array and each of the boxes connected to 

Here's the kicker: I'd like to run Xen on these boxes, and be able to 
migrate VM's and such between them. (This is really why I want the shared 
storage, besides just for experience.)

My plan is to create a LUN for each of the individual nodes to boot from, 
and then have a large shared LUN for CLVM. Within the CLVM PV, I'll create 
a LV for each of the Xen domains/vm's to boot from, and then have a large 
GFS LV for the shared data.

Does this sound reasonable? Anyone see any huge holes in my logic? I'm 
hoping that GFS will compile and work within the Xen-ified Linux kernel - 
I suppose I should've tried that out before ordering hardware, but ah 
well.  :)

Hope someone has some comments, and thanks for reading!

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