[Linux-cluster] Kernel panic: GFS: Assertion failed on line 550 of file rgrp.c

Thai Duong thaidn at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 15:59:05 UTC 2006

Hi Kevin,

I did unmount oracle_u02 before cloning but still no luck. When I tried to
run gfs_fsck against oracle_u02 on the backup cluster's node, it reported
something like below:

[root at rac3 root]# gfs_fsck -y /dev/pool/oracle_u02
Initializing fsck
Buffer #65773 (1 of 5) is neither GFS_METATYPE_RB nor GFS_METATYPE_RG.
Resource group is corrupted.
Unable to read in rgrp descriptor.
Unable to fill in resource group information.

It seems that oracle_u02 somehow got broken. Running gfs_fsck against
oracle_u01 works like a charm. Do i need to run gfs_fsck against the
original oracle_u02? Please advise.


Thai Duong.

On 2/10/06, Kevin Anderson <kanderso at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-02-10 at 00:17 +0700, Thai Duong wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > My story is a little bit long so your patience is highly appreciated.
> > I have a 4-node Oracle9iR2 RAC using GFS 6.0 as the cluster file
> > system. Each node is running RHAS3 Update 6 for Itanium. We have 2
> > main pools: oracle_u01 to store the $ORACLE_HOME, and oracle_u02 to
> > store the datafile, controlfile, redolog...Many thanks to the
> > stabilization of GFS, this production cluster have been running pretty
> > well. Two days ago, the manager wants to have a backup cluster with
> > the same configuration except it consits of only one node. Due to the
> > lack of 64-bit servers, we got a node from the production cluster out
> > to make it become the 1-node backup cluster. We make new LUNs in our
> > EMC CX500 SAN, and clone the production's oracle_u01 and oracle_u02 to
> > them. We are able to mount these pools as GFS file system onto the
> > backup cluster's node. So far so good until we try to write to
> > oracle_u02. Kernel panic: GFS: Assertion failed on line 550 of file
> > rgrp.c. It's pretty weird cauze writing to oracle_u01 just works. They
> > are just the same pool device containing GFS file system, arent they?
> > We even can not run df against u02! We can mount and explore it using
> > commands like cd, ls, dir...but not df!
> Purely speculation, but it sounds like when you snapped the LUN, there
> was filesystem metadata that was not consistent on the storage.  This
> can happen if you did not umount the filesystem or freeze it before
> doing the clone.  Have you run fsck?
> Kevin
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