[Linux-cluster] Redhat web server cluster with 4 web server's & 2 Database server

kishore chowdary chowdary_9 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 12 10:24:21 UTC 2006

Hi guys

I am new to this place.infact this is my first post.we r planning to deploy 
a web server cluster using redhat cluster suite.

we r planning to go for 4 web server's & two database server's(Mysql in 
master slave mode) for redundancy

Hardware available

webserver's 4 No's:                             Dell PowerEdge 1850 Xeon 3.0 
*2Ghz,800 FSB
                                                                146*2 SCSI 
Ultra320 (10,000 rpm) 2 GB Ram

DB Server's 2 No's:                            Dell PowerEdge 1850 Xeon 3.0 
*2Ghz,800 FSB
                                                               146*2 SCSI 
Ultra320 (10,000 rpm) 4 GB Ram

one DB server will be set up in master mode & the other in slave mode for 
redundancy & backup ncase the main DB server goes down

Expected web traffic:                           700-1000 hits per second max

Most of the content served will be static content all these server r in a 
good datacenter & r interconected through gigabit ethernet.

We have licensed version of Redhat AS 4.2 for all the server's & planning to 
buy Redhat Cluster Suite from redhat.

so i need some guidance from u guys on how to setup this cluster,which file 
system to use.if u have step by step installation notes of starting from 
redhat OS installation to setting up cluster with mysql redundancy.

Do i need any hardware apart from this to set up a cluster.

Please let me know if u have any details reg this.

Thanx & Regards
Santhi Kishore

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