[Linux-cluster] service restart problem

Marc Lewis marc at blarg.net
Mon Feb 13 19:56:20 UTC 2006

On Sat, Feb 11, 2006 at 11:57:32PM +0200, Omer Faruk Sen wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with redhat cluster suite. I have a two node test
> cluster. cluster master is cluster2 which is running vsftpd, mysql as
> service. I have manually edited vsftpd.conf so it can't start on cluster2.
> Then I killed vsftpd process. But after that cluster didn't failover to
> cluster1 or after a few seconds I have corrected vsftpd.conf but cluster2
> didn't start this service. What I want to ask that is redhat cluster
> doesn't support service status check so it can restart failed service or
> does it support fail over if one resource doesn't work?
> Best regards,

I'm seeing similar issues here.  The script entry doesn't seem to do
anything when checking status.

For example, we have a MySQL service defined with an IP address, a shared
SAN partition, and the /etc/init.d/mysqld script. 

The service starts up and shuts down fine when done manually via clusvcadm,
but if I kill the mysql daemon with the script or manually, the clurgmgrd
doesn't seem to care.  It just runs its status check, which does report it
as "stopped" without ever restarting the service.

Also, I've seen clurgmgrd die without logging anything anywhere.  I'll just
check the cluster and it won't be running.  All of the services stay
running, but the manager is dead.  Restarting it is problematic since it
will restart each of the services causing a brief interruption.

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve either of these two problems?  I've
been waiting to deploy the cluster we've put together until I could resolve
these two issues, but have run out of things to try.

 - Marc

Marc Lewis
Blarg! Online Services, Inc.

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