[Linux-cluster] 9i RAC GFS Certification?

Brian Long brilong at cisco.com
Mon Feb 20 19:27:51 UTC 2006


I'm fairly new to this list.  Could someone point me to the document
which states Oracle and Red Hat have certified 9i RAC on GFS?  I'm
looking for a certification matrix; for example, I've heard only GLM,
not DLM, is certified as the locking manager.  Is this correct?

I've read the GFS 6.1 docs and I'm starting the RHCS guide.  Any other
documents would be greatly appreciated.  I've already seen the thread
about 2-node to 3+-node migration hell which requires a cluster down
time (yuck!).

Thanks for any tips as I try to certify 9i RAC on GFS for use in our IT

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