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Fri Jul 28 11:58:26 UTC 2006

Also, make sure that your host files are setup properly. Otherwise, if left
to the default redhat config, your cluster nodes are binding to localhost and
will never see eachother. I know it's very basic, but it's easy to overlook.


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> I m using 3-node gnbd basic setup for GFS.
> But my GFS clients are not connecting with each other. They are 
> creating there own individual cluster.
> I read the instructions form downloaded source code(doc/min-gfs.txt) 
> posted on .

After you created the initial cluster configuration, did you scp (or
otherwise transfer) the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf file to all machines?

Are there any iptables firewalls that are prohibiting cluster members from
talking to one another?

What is the output of "cman_tool status"


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