[Linux-cluster] Centralized Cron

Eric Kerin eric at bootseg.com
Thu May 4 19:43:36 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-05-04 at 19:06 +0000, saju john wrote:
> Dear All,
> Is there any way to make a centalized cron while using Redhat HA
> cluster with Sahred storage. I mean to put the crontab entry for a
> particular user on shared storage, so that when the cluster shifts, on
> the other node cron should read from the cron file in shared storage.
> This setup has the advantage that we don't need to manullay update the
> cron entry in both nodes.
> I tried two ways , but not success
What I'm currently doing is creating wrapper scripts that check to see
if the clustered filesystem is mounted, then if it does, execute the
job.  This script is then placed in crontab.

The downside is that I have to update the crontab on all cluster nodes,
as well as copy the wrapper script to each node.

I've been toying with the idea of making an rgmanager aware cron, but
haven't worked out enough details of how it would work to write
something up for comments.

Eric Kerin
eric at bootseg.com

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