[Linux-cluster] fence_manual problem

nattapon viroonsri nattaponv at hotmail.com
Thu May 11 08:21:43 UTC 2006

I use rhcs 4  on rhel 4.0
I have setup 2 node cluster use manual fenceing
node name = cluster1 , cluster2
It failover completely if i stop service for each nod
But when i try to disconnected cable from cluster1 both node try to fence 
each other and
have following log:

May 11 15:50:26 cluster2 fenced[2183]: fencing node "cluster1"
May 11 15:50:26 cluster2 fenced[2183]: agent "fence_manual" reports: failed: 
fence_manual no node name
May 11 15:50:26 cluster2 fenced[2183]: fence "cluster1" failed

I try to run  "fence_ack_manual -n node1" but it's out put show that  have 
no file "/tmp/fence_manual.fifo"
so i create "/tmp/fence_manual.fifo" manually  and re run fence_ack_manual 
it show "done"

but in the logfile still the same as if no thing happen and  service still 
not failover


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