[Linux-cluster] multicast howto

Wolfgang Pauli pauli at grey.colorado.edu
Sun May 14 04:59:01 UTC 2006

OK. I still did not get it to work. But in the meantime I simplified the setup 
so that we only have two subnets divided only by the head node. I was hoping 
that somebody could give me some hints how I can get this to work, so here is 
a detailed description of our setup:

We have a computing cluster running myrinet and all this nodes are on a 
private subnet, in the middle there is our headnode with two ethernet devices 
one connected to the myrinet guys and the other one to our labmachines. This 
second ethernet device is now also on the same subnet as the labmachines. I 
was hoping that we won't need the multicast setup anymore. Currently the 
headnode is exporting a nfs filesystem, but we want to switch it to gfs.

I head the multihome setup from the wiki working, but dlm does not support it, 
so I canceled that. 

We can not use ethernet bonding (i guess), because than the nodes would not 
find the headnode anymore as it would then be on a different subnet. 

I thought this is like a standard setup, but it seems to be strange. I wish 
there was more documentation.

Thanks for any hints.


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