[Linux-cluster] RHEL AS4 Server Farming options

Jordan Mendler jmendler at ucla.edu
Mon May 15 15:46:24 UTC 2006

I am looking to build a server farm for 5-10 RHEL AS4 web servers that
handle at a given time anywhere from 30-50 different web domains and
their sites (using AOLServer). I am in the preliminary steps on
researching this and so far the only program I have heard about is Lnux
Virtual Server. Can anyone tell me if there are any other software
options to consider for this project aside from LVS and the pro's and
cons of LVS versus something else?

Also if anyone has any pointers, tips, praise or criticism, or other
good information I would love to hear it now before I start building the
farm and it is too late. Lastly any good websites or other documentation
aside from the RHAS v2.1 LVS section and LVS's webpage would be greatly

Thanks, Jordan

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