[Linux-cluster] RH Cluster Suite 4 + GFS + iptables

Roger Håkansson hson at ludd.luth.se
Mon May 15 16:22:29 UTC 2006

Jose Luis Beti wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm new in the list, so I apologize if this question has been answered
> before.
> Anyone could explain me how to configure IPTABLES  to allow working
> right Redhat Cluster Suite RHEL4 + GFS?
> What ports and protocols (tcp, udp) should I configure?

I've been searching through the archives and this question pops up now
and again, but I can't find any answers except some old ones back in
2004 when similar questions wer answered in a bunch of separate mails.
But those answers were related to RHEL3 and from what I can see, some
things have changed

This was the answer back then:
"Gulm uses the following by default:
 40040  core
 40042  ltpx
 41040  lt000
  if you set lt_partitions to >1 then
 41041  lt001 (and up to what ever you set lt_partitions to.)"
"CCS is 50006 and 50005"
"the gnbd server uses 14243"
"34001 - 34004 for clumanager"
"Also 1228 / 1229 for broadcast / multicast heartbeating"

>From the output from netstat, this is the listening ports I can see on
my CentOS4-setup :

Unknown processes ($NODENAME is the IP of the cluster node, and
$BROADCAST is the broadcast address of the cluster node's network):

TCP *:41966
TCP *:41968
TCP *:41967
TCP *:41969

TCP localhost:50006
UDP *:50007
TCP *:50008
TCP *:50009

Also, I can see a active tcp connection between
$nodeA:21064<->$nodeB:32774 and $nodeB:21064<->$nodeA:32773
Roger Håkansson

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