[Linux-cluster] RE: Please update cman-kernel and dlm-kernel when themain kernel is updated

Troels Arvin troels at arvin.dk
Wed May 24 12:16:50 UTC 2006

On Wed, 24 May 2006 07:58:59 -0400, Kovacs, Corey J. wrote:
> Before you go slapping redhat around I think you should start checking what
> updates are
> being done and why. If you are running a cluster, it's your responsebility to
> make sure
> any updates are first "needed" and second, are going to mesh with your
> config. 

And so I did, and I didn't have production down-time.

About up2date: Using up2date is the official way of doing things,
according to all Red Hat documentation I've read.

About using a mailing list for complaints: Yes, I might post a
complaint/trouble report through the formal (contract-based) support.
Still, I find it highly valuable for other users to be aware of this
issue. And if a Red Hat clustering mailing list cannot be used to post
somewhat critical messages about Red Hat clustering, then I don't know
where it should be.

Greetings from Troels Arvin

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