[Linux-cluster] RE: Please update cman-kernel and dlm-kernelwhen themain kernel is updated

Kovacs, Corey J. cjk at techma.com
Wed May 24 12:36:19 UTC 2006

Alright, this is what happens when I have too muich sugur in the morning.

However, I am curious about your first comment about not having production 
down time. To me, that reads as "Was not authorized to bring the system down"
to which I'd reply, why was it done?

On up2date being the official way to update systems? You're kidding right?
Maybe I'm old-school but I don't want ANY automated process updating my
At best, if I could ( I know it can be, just not for me), I'd use it to tell
if updates were available and download them for me. I'd never have them
my systems  automatically without testing them in MY environment, period.
enough that it's a good tool and generally works well (I think). However, in 
the end, keeping the machines running is MY responsebility, NOT RedHat's.

And as for using mailing lists, your spot on, almost. The issue is not that a
list is being used to lodge complaints, rather the issue is that the correct
list is NOT being used. If there is an issue with the up2date process, then
you need
to complain on the "up2date" mailing list or wherever all things up2date are

Again, this is not to start a war, just point out some things. I don't know
under what
conditions you or your systems were in so I cannot and should not comment on
individual experience. I am sure the circumstances dictated what you did and
you were
not happy with the results. I certainly understand that and it's unfortunate.
I also
agree that it would be nice if the updates coincided with each other. I've
had to wait
up to three weeks before with people breathing down my neck about RHEL3
update 7 and 
the corrosponding GFS update. I know that that's like believe me.

Anyway, lets all get back to discussing clusters.



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On Wed, 24 May 2006 07:58:59 -0400, Kovacs, Corey J. wrote:
> Before you go slapping redhat around I think you should start checking 
> what updates are being done and why. If you are running a cluster, 
> it's your responsebility to make sure any updates are first "needed" 
> and second, are going to mesh with your config.

And so I did, and I didn't have production down-time.

About up2date: Using up2date is the official way of doing things, according
to all Red Hat documentation I've read.

About using a mailing list for complaints: Yes, I might post a
complaint/trouble report through the formal (contract-based) support.
Still, I find it highly valuable for other users to be aware of this issue.
And if a Red Hat clustering mailing list cannot be used to post somewhat
critical messages about Red Hat clustering, then I don't know where it should

Greetings from Troels Arvin

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