[Linux-cluster] Upgrade from Enterprise 3 to Enterprise 4

Matthew B. Brookover mbrookov at mines.edu
Wed May 24 17:02:30 UTC 2006

For various reasons, I am getting ready to upgrade from Enterprise 3 and
GFS 6.0 to Enterprise 4 and GFS 6.1.

The upgrade section of the GFS 6.1 administrators guide has instructions
to convert pools to LVM2 and says to see the Configuring and Managing a
Cluster guide to convert a GFS file system from GULM to DLM.  I have not
carefully read the Configuring and Managing a Cluster Guide, but a quick
scan of the index and table of contents did not reveal the instructions.

So, my first question, how do I switch an existing file system in GFS
6.1 from GULM to DLM?

The second question, what kind of experiences have people had with an
upgrade of a cluster from Enterprise 3 AS update 6 to Enterprise 4 AS
update 3?

Thank you

mbrookov at mines.edu

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