[Linux-cluster] LVM and GFS How to recover lost volume groupinformation

Donald Deasy Donald.Deasy at sli-institute.ac.uk
Wed May 24 18:28:41 UTC 2006

Hi Everyone

Cancel the query.

I've ran out of time so I've just recreated the volumes and restoring
from backups. 

It's starting to look like "operator error". 

I suspect that whilst upgrading to kernel 2.6.9-34 on another machine in
the cluster I removed the LUNs from LVM. I had a bit of bother getting
the lvm working and eventually recompiled from src the lvm2-cluster
(version 2.02.01-1.2.RHEL4).  


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Hi Everyone

I have a server connected to an EMC CX300 SAN and yesterday I had a
glitch on the server and lost all kernel devices.
After running depmod and rebooting all the devices are back.

Unfortunately LVM is only listing the server internal hard disks volume
group VolGroup00.

The SAN volume groups have disappeared and all the SAN LUN disks are
showing up as "Uninitialized Entities".

I'm assuming that the SAN LUNs are okay and I just need to recreate the
LVM Metadata (without destroying the data on the SAN LUNs).

Question 1
Is it possible to do this ?

OS Redhat Enterprise 4 2.6.9-11.Elsmp

Configured Using

Linux Cluster Suite 6.0

Disk Entity: /dev/sdb1
Size: 536.48GB
Partition Type: Linux (0x83)
File System: No Filesystem

I used system-config-lvm to create logical volumes from file storage
LUNS presented from an EMC CX300 SAN.

I then used the following command to create the volumes

gfs_mkfs -p lock_dlm -t isli_cluster:sligfsa -j 4

The volumes have been running without problem mounted through Cluster
resources GFS Resource
Name: slidska
Mount Point: /mnt/slidska
Device: /dev/VolGroupsli1/LogVolsli1disk1 Options acl

Or by hand
mount -t gfs -o acl /dev/VolGroupsli1/LogVolsli1disk1 /mnt/slidska

Donald Deasy
Systems Manager
Institute for System Level Integration
Tel: +44 1506 469311 (Direct)

ISLI provides postgraduate education, professional training and research
in system level integration incorporating cross over technologies such
as hardware, embedded software, MNT/MEMS.  Details of our activities can
be found at: www.sli-institute.ac.uk <http://www.sli-institute.ac.uk/> 


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