[Linux-cluster] Question about using Lock manager

sara sodagar sara_sodagar at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 11 11:26:31 UTC 2006

I am new in GFS concept and  planning to use RHEL4 GFS
to immplement clustering.My SAN is HDS 9585 and I have
4 HS-20 web servers and 2 IBM HS20 ftp servers.
My question is about the place of lock amanger in this
Should I set up lock manager on a separate host or
would it be possible to have a node with both roles of
lock manager and apache ? please let me know the
impact of having a node with both roles ?
If I should set up Lock manager and its RLM on
different nodes please let me know the best
configuration .

I would be greatful if any one can help me regarding
this matter.

--Best regards.

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