[Linux-cluster] CS4 Update 2 & Patch watchdog on

Alain Moulle Alain.Moulle at bull.net
Wed Sep 13 07:51:31 UTC 2006

>> The self-watchdog patch adds a process which monitors the "real"
>> clurgmgrd.  The monitoring process should be the lower-numbered PID
>> (it's the parent of the one doing the work).

>> The monitoring process watches for crash signals (SIGBUS, SIGSEGV,
>> etc.), and will simply exit if you kill the child with SIGKILL.

>> So, basically, killing the higher-numbered PID with something like
>> SIGSEGV should cause the node to reboot.

>> -- Lon

Thanks Lon, I understand.
And if I kill -9 (SIGKILL) the higher-numbered PID at test purpose,
is it expected to reboot or not ?

I see in code :
                case SIGCHLD:
                case SIGILL:
                case SIGFPE:
                case SIGSEGV:
                case SIGBUS:
                        setup_signal(i, SIG_DFL);
                        setup_signal(i, signal_handler);
but can't conclude for a SIGKILL on higher-numbered PID process ...

Thanks again

Alain Moullé

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