[Linux-cluster] RHEL5 cluster problem...

James Parsons jparsons at redhat.com
Wed Sep 13 16:14:13 UTC 2006

Kovacs, Corey J. wrote:

> Good morning..
> Some oddness regarding clusterring on RHEL5beta1 (could be me)
> I have a two node cluster and the cluster components installed.
> I have two nics in each node, the second of which I want to use for 
> openais.
> I have my cluster.conf pointing to the primary nic and I have openais 
> pointing to
> (my second nics are on and 2)
> Things seem to start ok on both nodes but they don't appear to be 
> talking to eachother.
> For instance, clustat on the first node shows both nodes active even 
> if node2 is down.
> Actually, openais seems to be doing fine, but cman looks to be acting up.
> This config was created using s-c-cluster and indeed it looks good. Am 
> I missing some
> new fundemental thing with the new cluster versions?
> I've been running RHCS/GFS on RHEL3 and RHEL4 for some time now but 
> this is my first
> attempt at the new (openais based) clusterring.
> Any thoughts?

EEk. s-c-cluster is NOT updated completely for rhel5 cluster in the beta 
1 release - Sorry, Corey.

Are you aware that each node needs an explicit 'nodeid' attribute value 
in the conf file, in addition to the name attribute? This just needs to 
be a unique integer value...a simple enumeration of the nodes, 1, 2, 3...


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