[Linux-cluster] cluster.conf using brocade

Frank Hellmann frank at opticalart.de
Thu Sep 14 08:05:01 UTC 2006

isplist at logicore.net wrote:
>> Sadly, that won't work.  The fence script for brocade instructs it to
>> turn off a specified port.  All your machines hook up to the switch
>> through a single port.  So when a node acts up, you disconnect ALL of
>> your nodes nodes from the storage at the same time, since they all are
>> connected to port 0 (through the hub).
> Since hubs are much cheaper than switches, and from the brocade's point of 
> view, it can see unique ports even on the hub... would it not be worth adding 
> this functionality to the fencing functions?
> Mike

Can you try to turn off a single port of that hub via the brocade
switch? I doubt that there is any method in the brocade switch to do
that, but I could be wrong here.

Also if the hub is manageable there might be a way to disable certain
ports directly at the hub.

If neither works, you'll need to think of a different setup for SAN
fencing, like putting the nodes onto their own FC-switch, or consider
power fencing via a network manageable pdu or ups.


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