[Linux-cluster] Web based manager?

isplist at logicore.net isplist at logicore.net
Fri Sep 15 19:51:56 UTC 2006

Say it ain't so!!! No way, you're pulling my leg??? I've been looking and 
looking for months. WONDERFUL, just what is needed out there!

I'll check this out as soon as I get my cluster back online :).


> Coming in RHEL5 and RHEL4U5:  Conga - A web-based remote administration
> capability that makes previously tedious tasks such as creating a
> cluster or adding a new node as simple as a few mouse clicks. Remote
> storage administration (partitioning, LVM, FS creation, etc...),
> clustered Xen VMs, diagnostic capabilities such as node fencing, cluster
> restart with one button click, and remote log filtering/viewing are also
> part of the package.
> http://sourceware.org/cluster/conga/
> -j

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