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Huesser Peter peter.huesser at psi.ch
Wed Sep 27 16:15:34 UTC 2006

I found the solution. One also has to manipulate the real webservers.
This is not described in the official "Red Hat Cluster Suite"





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By the way: I started the "pulse" daemon in the debug modus ("pulse -v
-n") and got the following output:


nanny: Opening TCP socket to remote service port 80...

nanny: Connecting socket to remote address...

nanny: DEBUG -- Posting CONNECT poll()

nanny: Sending len=16, text="GET / HTTP/1.0



nanny: DEBUG -- Posting READ poll()

nanny: DEBUG -- READ poll() completed (1,1)

nanny: Posting READ I/O; expecting 4 character(s)...

nanny: DEBUG -- READ returned 4

nanny: READ expected len=4, text="HTTP"

nanny: READ got len=4, text=HTTP

nanny: avail: 1 active: 1: count: 13

pulse: DEBUG -- setting SEND_heartbeat timer

pulse: DEBUG -- setting SEND_heartbeat timer

pulse: DEBUG -- setting NEED_heartbeat timer

pulse: DEBUG -- setting SEND_heartbeat timer

nanny: Opening TCP socket to remote service port 80...



For me this looks as if everything is ok. "nanny" sends from time to
time a "GET / HTTP/1.0" request and the response ("HTTP" only first four
letters) correspondence with what is expected. The problem is that pulse
is not opening port 80 on the loadbalancer for reveiving http-request. A
"netstat -anp" verifies this.





I sent a similar question a few days ago and did not get any answer.
Maybe the time (Saturday night) was unfavorable or the question was not
that clear. So I try it once more:


I want to run a loadbalancer in front of two webserver (using direct
routing). But if I connect to port 80 of the loadbalancer I get a
"connection refused".


1)       Did anybody had a similar problem? 

2)       How can I increase the debuglevel?


Thanks' in advance




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