[Linux-cluster] Red Hat Linux AS 4 U3 Clustering

Jotheswaran M jotheswaran at renaissance-it.com
Sat Sep 30 06:43:33 UTC 2006

Hi All,
I am new to this forum, I have a problem with Red Hat Linux AS 4 U3 Clustering I have used IBM Xseries 366 servers with two HBA's and DS4300 SAN storage.
I have installed and configured the OS and the clustering with out any issues. I am running oracle9i as the database and the same has been configured in the cluster and it works fine, I can also fail over it works fine.
The problem is if I shutdown one server or remove the power chord of one server the cluster doesn't switch over but if I go through the normal shutdown the cluster switches.
Can you gueys help me to resolve this please.
Jotheswaran M
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