[Linux-cluster] RHEL5.1 beta and qdisk

Eugene Melnichuk doc at mts.com.ua
Thu Aug 2 09:19:31 UTC 2007

I confirm this bug,  and already asked this question on this list (with 
subject "Hang on start fence_tool join with qdisk") but problem still 

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Jacques Botha пишет:
> Okay
> I have a cluster, everything is setup correctly.
> I start qdisk, and it likes the heuristics, but the moment it upgrades
> the cluster votes, everything to do with clustering just stops.
> The machine is still responsive, you can talk to it over the network,
> but cman_tool status, cman_tool nodes, clustat,  all just sit and blink
> at the prompt.
> I can stop qdisk immediately afterwards, but it doesn't change the
> state, everything stays broken.
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