[Linux-cluster] Add a fence device of type SUN ILOM

brad at bradandkim.net brad at bradandkim.net
Thu Aug 9 18:36:00 UTC 2007

> Dear list members,
> I have in production a RHCS cluster composed of three RHEL4u5 nodes that
> use GFS. Initially, I first put no fence device on the nodes. I just
> defined a manual fence device without associating it to the nodes.
> As the GFS file system is not accessible when I'm rebooting one of the
> three nodes, I'm realizing the importance of fence devices.
> I just defined manual fence devices for the three nodes, but I read that
> manual fence device is not a good idea for production environment.
> My machines are SUN Fire X4100. I see that we can define a fence device of
> type HP ILO. I would like to know if I can use the HP ILO form in
> system-config-cluster tool to enter and use a SUN ILOM as fence device?
> If so, do you have any points I should pay attention for when I will
> define them? I recall that I'm working on a production environment and I'm
> scary to put things worst that they already are.
> Thank you very much
> __________________
> Stéphanie Lanthier

I run a mix of SUNFire X4100's and X4600's and am currently testing a
cluster setup with them.  Though I have not fully tested it yet, I am
planning on trying ipmi_lan as the fence device since the cards support
IPMI.  I can let you know how it works out.


Brad Crotchett
brad at bradandkim.net

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