[Linux-cluster] Add a fence device of type SUN ILOM

jim parsons jparsons at redhat.com
Thu Aug 9 20:01:32 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 14:13 -0400, Lanthier, Stéphanie wrote:
> Dear list members,
> I have in production a RHCS cluster composed of three RHEL4u5 nodes
> that use GFS. Initially, I first put no fence device on the nodes. I
> just defined a manual fence device without associating it to the
> nodes. 
> As the GFS file system is not accessible when I'm rebooting one of the
> three nodes, I'm realizing the importance of fence devices.
> I just defined manual fence devices for the three nodes, but I read
> that manual fence device is not a good idea for production
> environment.
You need to run the fence_ack_manual script after fencing...it is really
a pain, and DEF not anything to use for production.
> My machines are SUN Fire X4100. I see that we can define a fence
> device of type HP ILO. I would like to know if I can use the HP ILO
> form in system-config-cluster tool to enter and use a SUN ILOM as
> fence device?
Know, please, that system-config-cluster is just a front-end editor for
the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf file. It takes your fence form values and
inserts the values in the proper format in the file and then calls the
methods to update the cluster with the new file.

I do not know the params needed for the SUN ILOM, but I doubt very much
that the fence_ilo agent would do the correct thing. It would be easy to
find out, though. Man fence_ilo and see the params needed, and then run
the agent from the command line (/sbin/fence_ilo -a
System.ILOM.To.Reboot.Now -l login -p passwd 
...and see what happens...I kind of doubt it will work :/
How does ILOM work? telnet or ssh? Is there an snmp interface to ILOM?
If so, there might be a way...by hacking on another agent.

Adding an agent is really not too big of a deal, if you are handy with

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