[Linux-cluster] Using cmirror

Bernard Chew bernard.chew at muvee.com
Sat Aug 11 07:59:15 UTC 2007

Hi James and Brassow,

Thank you for the replies on using cmirror. I'll try the configuration
(below) on my test servers, and post the findings here.

Bernard Chew

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Bernard Chew wrote:
> Hi,
> Can this work with GFS where I have 2 iscsi disks (ie. /dev/sda &
/dev/sdb) from 2 different iscsi-target servers and I create a mirrored
GFS volume?

I had no problems creating such a setup.

Where I did have problems was when one of the iscsi disks "went away".
At that point the iscsi layer appeared to hang and lvm locked up :(

(You need three separate PVs to create a mirrored LVM volume, btw).


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