[Linux-cluster] Using cmirror

Bernard Chew bernard.chew at muvee.com
Wed Aug 22 14:05:07 UTC 2007

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> If you've set up a cluster and are using LVM, it will work the same
way as single machine mirroring.

> http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/csgfs/browse/4.5/
> SAC_Cluster_Logical_Volume_Manager/mirror_create.html

>  brassow

> On Aug 10, 2007, at 6:56 AM, Bernard Chew wrote:

> Hi,
> I read that cmirror provides user-level utilities for managing cluster

> mirroring but could not find much documentation on it. Can anyone 
> point me to any documentation / guide around?
> Regards,
> Bernard Chew
> IT Operations
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Hi all,

I have problems creating a mirrored linear logical volume in a 3 nodes
cluster (using lvcreate -L 960M -m1 -n lv1 vg1 /dev/sdd /dev/sdb
/dev/sdc), and encounter the following errors:

Error locking on node NodeA.hogwarts.com: device-mapper: reload ioctl
failed: Invalid argument
Error locking on node NodeB.hogwarts.com: device-mapper: reload ioctl
failed: Invalid argument
Error locking on node NodeC.hogwarts.com: device-mapper: reload ioctl
failed: Invalid argument
Failed to activate new LV

I am able to create a linear logical volume without mirroring using the
same 3 pvs with GFS filesystem (clustered) but not the above. Any help
is appreciated.

Bernard Chew

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