[Linux-cluster] dlm Invalid module format

Alexandre Racine Alexandre.Racine at mhicc.org
Wed Aug 15 16:52:19 UTC 2007

Hi people,

I am having difficulties to startup gfs with Gentoo.
I am currently running 2.6.20-gentoo-r8 with "GFS2 file system support". I have try with or without "GFS2 "nolock" locking module" and "GFS2 DLM locking module" but it is always the same result.

When starting dlm, I get this :

+ /etc/init.d/dlm start
 * Loading dlm module ...
 * Loading dlm kernel module ...
FATAL: Error inserting dlm (/lib/modules/2.6.20-gentoo-r8/kernel/cluster/dlm.ko): Invalid module format
 * Failed to load dlm kernel module                                                        [ !! ]

Looking from dmesg gives this error : "dlm: exports duplicate symbol dlm_new_lockspace (owned by kernel)"

Does someone have any ideas what is happening here? Thanks.

Alexandre Racine
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514-461-1300 poste 3304
alexandre.racine at mhicc.org

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