[Linux-cluster] GFS1 from cvs HEAD

Benoit DUFFAU benoit.duffau at devoteam.com
Wed Feb 7 08:59:33 UTC 2007

Le mardi 06 février 2007 à 10:14 -0600, David Teigland a écrit :
> On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 10:35:26PM -0800, Brandon Lamb wrote:
> > On 2/5/07, Kenji Wakamiya <wkenji at labs.fujitsu.com> wrote:
> > 
> > Are you stuck with kernel 2.6.9 if you need stable gfs (v1)?
> No, GFS1 is very much alive and current and probably will be for a long
> time.  GFS1 will be available on RHEL5 (based on 2.6.18+) just as it was
> on RHEL4.  That GFS1 code comes from the RHEL5 cvs branch in the cluster
> tree.  If you're not using RHEL, GFS1 is also being maintained for recent
> upstream kernels in the STABLE and HEAD cvs branches.
> So, there are 4 versions of GFS1 that are currently being maintained:
> cluster-infrastructure-v1 (cman-kernel):
> 1. RHEL4 kernels		(cvs RHEL4 branch, cluster/gfs-kernel)
> 2. recent upstream kernels	(cvs STABLE branch, cluster/gfs-kernel)
> cluster-infrastructure-v2 (openais):
> 3. RHEL5 kernels		(cvs RHEL5 branch, cluster/gfs-kernel)
> 4. recent upstream kernels	(cvs HEAD, cluster/gfs-kernel)

I'm very interested in #4 but the doc/usage.txt focuses on GFS2, i don't
see how i could get cvs HEAD GFS1 running with the new architecture ...

I found commented lines in the configure and Makefile, i uncommented
them, after few compile issues against my i get a gfs.ko module

i try to modprobe it and i have those errors : 

gfs: Unknown symbol generic_file_read
gfs: Unknown symbol __generic_file_aio_read
gfs: Unknown symbol gfs2_unmount_lockproto
gfs: Unknown symbol gfs2_withdraw_lockproto
gfs: Unknown symbol generic_file_write_nolock
gfs: Unknown symbol gfs2_mount_lockproto

the problem is that i already modproded dlm and lock_dlm before probing
gfs... (i even probed gfs2 :) )

other problem is : even if i had succeeded in modprobing gfs module,
what do i have to do next ? ccsd -X ; cman_tool join ; groupd ; fenced ;
fence_tool join ; dlm_controld ; gfs_controld ? and using mkfs_gfs,
mount.gfs ...

If someone has already installed GFS1 from CVS HEAD, i'd be glad to see
a quick and dirty howto :)



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