[Linux-cluster] Booting from Local Hard drive

hiba salma ridabarbiee at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 20 06:44:53 UTC 2007


i have a Linux Cluster of 64-nodes with

OSCAR version: 4.1

Linux Distro: Red hat 9

There is a problem which i'm trying to solve for
almost a week but still no results.

When i boot a client from the network, after finishing
successful installation from the network,

it reboots. After the reboot it tries to boot from the
Local Hard drive

cuz i changed the  /etc/systemimager/systemimager.conf
and set

The netbootmond also restart after the item changed.

But it hangs there! n do nothing after that i.e after
the message Booting from Local Hard drive

I dun understand why this happens.
i followed some instructions also from this site

But all invain.

Can any one suggest me some solutions to this problem?

PS:I posted this problem on SIsuite users mailing
lists but i thought to post it here too,if anyone from
here know the solution.


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