[Linux-cluster] Re: Question about Cluster Service

Robert Peterson rpeterso at redhat.com
Tue Feb 27 15:14:25 UTC 2007

sara sodagar wrote:
> Thanks a lot for replying to my question.
> Actually I have to distribute data on my web servers
> as
> we are using a provisioning software and it just uses
> this architecture.
> My plan is to setup 2 active servers that do not share
> any data , and one passive server which is for both of
> them.
> Node A ,C    (cluster service 1)
> Node B , C   (cluster service 2)
> Node c :   (Failover domain 1 : service 1,failover
> domain2: service 2)
> I want to setup GFS between A,C  and another pair B,C
> My main question is whether I should use GFS or not ?
> I am confused about whether I should use GFS when I am
> using High availability service management from
> Cluster suite.
> --Regards.
> Sara
Hi Sara,

I'm not sure I understood that completely.  However, the question
comes down to whether the systems (for example "A" and "C")
have physical access to the same shared storage, like a SAN.

If they're trying to coexist using shared storage, then you want to
use GFS.   If "C" is only seeing a copy of the data on "A" then
you don't need GFS.  The same applies to "B" and "C" and their
storage.  You don't need GFS in order to do High Availability
failover services.  You do need GFS if your storage is shared.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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