[Linux-cluster] cluster-1.04.00

David Teigland teigland at redhat.com
Tue Feb 27 21:31:15 UTC 2007

A new source tarball from the STABLE branch has been released; it builds
and runs on 2.6.20:


Version 1.04.00 - 27 February 2007
   * Add cman/cluster_id field to CCS to allow users to override the
     cluster ID generated from the name. bz#219588
   * Fix global id creation in SM to avoid duplicates. bz#206193 bz#217626
   * Check for NULL in process_startdone_barrier_new(). bz#206212
   * Fix proc reads. bz#213723
   * Fix race that could panic if cman_kill_node() is called when we are
     shutting down. bz#223098
   * Tell SM when the quorum device comes or goes.
   * Always queue kill messages that need ACKs, so we don't block apps
     like qdiskd. bz#223462
   * Merge qdisk fixes from RHEL4 branch.
   * Don't create lkids of 0. bz#199673
   * Add a spinlock around the ls_nodes_gone list. bz#206463
   * Was passing fl_pid instead of fl_owner causing F_GETLK problems.
   * bz#206339
   * F_UNLCK was returning -ENOENT when it didn't find plocks. bz#206590
   * Include sd_freeze_count in counters output.
   * Add SELinux xattr support.
   * Change the default drop_count from 50,000 to 200,000. bz#218795
   * Update the drop_count for mounted fs's. bz#218795
   * Fix gfs knows of directories which it chooses not to display.
   * bz#190756
   * Don't panic if we try to unlock a plock that's already being
   * unlocked.
   * fence_tool - add timeout option for leave.
   * fenced - add manual override. bz#223060

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