[Linux-cluster] 2 questions regarding gfs and gfs2

Lon Hohberger lhh at redhat.com
Fri Aug 1 19:40:28 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-31 at 11:58 +0300, Alex wrote:
> Hello,
> Using conga, to generate cluster.conf file i saw by default, when is choosen 
> GFS File system, in cluster.conf file is generated fsid="35790" and 
> fstype="gfs" vor a gfs volume.
> [snip from my cluster.conf]
> clusterfs device="/dev/myvg1/mylv1" force_unmount="0" 
> fsid="35790" fstype="gfs" mountpoint="/var/www/html
> With this config, mylv1 has failed to mount because /dev/myvg1/mylv1 is gfs2 
> formatted. In this case, I changed manually in cluster.conf 
> fstype="gfs2" (leaving unchanged fsid="35790"), and now mylv1 is mounted 
> without problem.
> Questions:
> - GFS2 has the same fsid as GFS? If not, which value is correct?

fsid is not related to file system types, it's for preserving NFS client
file handles in the event of a server-side failover when devices do not
match up.

> - On centos-5.2, i saw that by default is used GFS2, which many peoples says 
> that is not good for production use. Is this true or in centos/rhel-5.2 this 
> has been changed and GFS2 is enough mature to be considered "production 
> quality"?

No, it's not yet production quality.

-- Lon

> Regards,
> Alx
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