[Linux-cluster] How can I re-assign cluster id

Pedro Gonzalez Zamora pedroche5 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 11:03:31 UTC 2008

Dear Christine

I have set <cman cluster_id="1470"/> and I trying again but I get this

cman: unable to set cluster_id

Could you tell me please more about cluster name hash, how it works and how
can I change the values?

Best Regards

2008/8/5 Christine Caulfield <ccaulfie at redhat.com>

> Pedro Gonzalez Zamora wrote:
>> Dear all
>> I have two clusters each cluster has two nodes, the first cluster1 starts
>> ok but de second cluster2 can't start because it gets the same cluster ID
>> that cluster1 and I don't know why??
>> I have set diferent cluster name in cluster.conf.
> It's probably that you've hit a weakness with the cluster name hash, it's
> not perfect by any means. Your options are to change one of the cluster
> names so that they hash to different values or (easier) add
> <cman cluster_id="XXX/>
> to one or both of the cluster.conf files to force a different cluster ID
> number.
> Chrissie
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