[Linux-cluster] Setting up samba resource with system-config-cluster

Chris Joelly chris-m-lists at joelly.net
Thu Aug 14 11:54:22 UTC 2008


i'm setting up a Samba based fileserver and started using 
system-config-cluster. The initial setup goes fine and all is working as
expected. But when i played around with a Samba service i noticed that 
the smb.conf file is deleted and regenerated every time i remove and 
define a new Samba service. 

Also the behaviour of how the smb.conf file is written (interfaces, 
filesystems) depends on how the additional resources ip address and 
file system is added to the service.

Is there a description of system-config-cluster and its behaviour
besides the RH documentation?

As the scc capabilities are very limited, at least in the version Ubuntu 
8.04 ships (1.0.46), and Conga is not available nor an option, what is
the preferred way of managing the cluster config? 

Is it recommended to manually edit cluster.conf and then propagate the 
changes using ccs_tool? Is there a possibility to verify the cluster.conf 
file if it contains errors or should this be done using a validating XML 
parser? Is a XML schema or DTD available for the various cluster.conf 
versions and how can i determine which version of the cluster.conf schema 
is appropriate for which version of e.g. cman?


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