[Linux-cluster] VMware over GFS?

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Sat Dec 13 17:06:23 UTC 2008

> Maybe I haven't understood well your point,

I'm sure that perhaps I didn't explain myself well. I am looking for fault tolerance, fail over, redundancy, but am not sure if VMware allows this. For example, in a web cluster, if one server goes down, a front end load balancer just starts sending the traffic to another web server. I am wondering if there is a way of doing this with VMware using GFS. If it is possible, then the only thing I'm nervous about is fencing, which is where most of the issues have been in the past when I have used GFS.
> By now I'm able to suspend all vm on a node, stop the vmware server
> that hosted them, start another vmware server on another node and
> resume them there.

This could work also, though it's not redundancy, it's more of a backup solution. The issue with this is that win machines seem to complain about being moved from one server to another and require re-activating. It's possible that this was because I might have changed a hardware setting in the guest which caused this to happen, rather than the move from one VM server to another. I'll have to test that.

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