[Linux-cluster] GFS performance

Mikołaj Radzewicz m.radzewicz at tech.crmedia.pl
Thu Dec 18 12:25:37 UTC 2008

I'm setting a new GFS cluster on rhel 5.2. It will have 4 nodes with
files for lighttpd servers. The shared disk comes from SAN (FC). I have
some questions following that topic:
- I have two networks - public (1GB) and management (100MB) one. I am
wondering about setting the cluster on privet. The question is if i do
that how it will affect the performance? Or it is no big difference
cause the cluster transfer only locks and 100MB is enough for that purpose.
- how can i tune up my gfs cluster and test if that works? Can smb
advise some good article about tuning.

- how different kernel version on cluster system affect it performance
and stability?

Mikołaj Radzewicz

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