[Linux-cluster] cluster.conf not updated

Chrissie Caulfield ccaulfie at redhat.com
Thu Dec 18 15:20:44 UTC 2008

Sven Carstens wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008 15:37:27 schrieb Chrissie Caulfield:
>> Sven Carstens wrote:
>>> After such an update the cluster is inoperable and clustat shows
>>> ---------------------------------------
>>> Timed out waiting for a response from Resource Group Manager
>>> Cluster Status for wmh_cluster @ Thu Dec 18 15:23:29 2008
>>> Member Status: Quorate
>>>  Member Name                                                     ID  
>>> Status ------ ----                                                    
>>> ---- ------ wmh01                                                        
>>>       1 Online, Local wmh02                                              
>>>                 2 Online ---------------------------------------
>> It's hard to tell what's going on, You'll need to post the before after
>> cluster.conf file and say what you expect to see. Not all changes in
>> cluster.conf take effect on a running cluster.
> Only the config_version is incremented by one.
> <cluster alias="wmh_cluster" config_version="28" name="wmh_cluster">
> to
> <cluster alias="wmh_cluster" config_version="29" name="wmh_cluster">

Well, if all you change is the version number then that's all that will
change in cman. In fact it will only change then if you tell it using
cman_tool, or bring a new node into the cluster using that file version
number, so I don't see anything wrong with the behaviour you're seeing.
I don't know how rgmanager gets to know about a new file.

> As the rgmanager is not responding anymore
>>> Timed out waiting for a response from Resource Group Manager
> no services on the cluster will be failed over or restarted.
> Once the cluster.conf is in a final, stable form with all services included
> this won't be a problem. Unless I have to add a service later on and
> have to bring down the whole cluster to update the config file.


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