[Linux-cluster] heartbeat over 2 NICs - Hi Christine

Christine Caulfield ccaulfie at redhat.com
Wed Jun 4 13:38:05 UTC 2008

sunhux G wrote:
> Hi Christine,
> I could have searched Redhat knowledgebase but thought would
> be easier if I clarify here.   We plan to cluster two RHES, server A
> & server B (on Ver 5.1AP)
> a)besides the regular network port for the usual network traffic,
>    we only need one additional network port per server to set up
>    the clustering, is this right?

That is highly recommended, yes. You can run with just the one interface 
(or two bonded) but we always recommend that the cluster traffic is 
isolated from a main serving network

> b)what if we want to use 2 network ports, then we have to bond
>    the two network ports on server A & the two network ports on
>    server B - is this right?

That right, yes.

> c)anything we need to do on the Cisco switch's ports end? We
>    are using Cisco 6513

Almost certainly :)

I'm no expert on cisco switches but there is some information about 
running openais over them here:




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