[Linux-cluster] live & standby (primary & secondary partitions) in "multipath -ll"

Wendy Cheng s.wendy.cheng at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 17:30:26 UTC 2008

> Anyway, assume your filers are on Data Ontap 10.x releases and they 
> are clustered ? 

Sorry, didn't read the rest of the post until now and forgot that 10.x 
releases out in the field do not support FCP protocol. So apparently you 
are on "7.x" releases. The KnowledgeBase article that I referred to is 
*still* valid though.

If the "sanlun lun show" output are all from Filer2, than most likely 
your filers admin had assigned all the disks to Filer2, even Filer1 can 
see them. Check with your filer admin if you want to load balancing the 

-- Wendy

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