[Linux-cluster] RFC: updating cluster.conf

David Teigland teigland at redhat.com
Mon Jun 23 16:16:02 UTC 2008


We're looking into how cluster.conf updates should be done in future
versions and we'd like some feedback about how you currently do this, and
what you'd like to see.

1. How often do you update cluster.conf?  ("Never" would be valuable

2. What changes do you make?  e.g. add nodes, change fencing settings,
   add or change rgmanager settings.

3. How do you currently update cluster.conf?  Cluster online or offline?
   Manually scp to all nodes?  ccs_tool?  conga?  What do you like and not
   like about the method you use now?

4. How would you like to do updates to cluster.conf in the future?
   Conga (graphical management interface)?  Command line program that
   updates /etc/cluster/cluster.conf on all cluster nodes?
   Manually scp to all nodes?  Other?

5. Would you like to use an LDAP server?  All cluster nodes would read
   cluster.conf info from the server; updates would just be made on
   the server.


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