[Linux-cluster] CS5 / About qdisk parameters

Alain Moulle Alain.Moulle at bull.net
Thu May 15 14:21:00 UTC 2008

Hi Lon

Thans again, but that's strange because in the man , the recommended
values are :
intervall="1" tko="10" and so we have a result < 21s which is the
default value of heart-beat timer, so not a hair above like you
recommened in previous email ...
extract of man qddisk :

            This is the frequency of read/write cycles, in seconds.

            This  is  the  number  of  cycles  a node must miss in order to be
            declared dead.


So the better values to match with the default heart-beat timeout of 21s should
be :

interval="2" and tko="11"

right ?

Alain Moullé

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